Stanko Gagrčin is a multimedia artist from Serbia.

Born in 1994 in Sombor.

Recipient of the Prince Claus Fund 2022 Seed Award for emerging artists.

Currently works as videographer and graphic designer for the Network of Cultural Stations in Novi Sad, after having worked as scene designer, assistant and project manager at the Foundation Novi Sad European Capital of Culture 2022.since March 2021.

Author of several interactive virtual audio-video installations and experimental films. In his virtual art installations he is exploring the aesthetical possibilities of new media digital art.

In 2013 he graduated Interior design in the high school for design "Bogdan Šuput" in Novi Sad.

He got his Bachelor's degree in Scene Architecture, Design and Technology at Faculty of Technical Sciences of Novi Sad in 2017.

Artist in residence at the Homesession gallery in the spring of 2018 in Barcelona.

Attended the Experimental Film Course at the Berlin school filmArche in 2019.

Stanko enjoys creating the magic of moving images - be it video collages, experimental films or interactive virtual installations/video games. The themes present in his works naturally derive from themes that interest him organically: concepts of national, supranational, ethnic, regional, gender and sexual identity, both as historical variables and in their collision with each other in today's context of supranational corporate-techno-feudalism and nation states.

Formal education in high school (Interior Design, Bogdan Šuput School of Design) has provided a strong basis for understanding all visual arts through an in-depth understanding of art history and the ways in which diverse art practices throughout history have evolved into all that contemporary art is now and can be. Afterwards, at the university (Scene Architecture, Design and Technology) this basis would be enriched by learning about dramatic arts and interdisciplinary artistic practices.

Although the process of creation is primarily intuitive for Stanko, this kind of theoretical grounding through formal education allows him to always reflexively return to his works and try to understand them through a broader historical, cultural context. This has influenced the diversity of media and artistic genres through which he has expressed himself and continues to work within, and positions his work in a great plurality of aesthetics, sensibilities and styles in the contemporary moment.

Stanko's experimental films can be seen as hybrid fusion of different genre conventions and stylistic approaches. It can be said that these works are at the crossroads of video art, documentary and fiction films.



- Group exhibition NOWADAYS at the Florence Contemporary (Florence, Italy, January 2023)
- Solo exhibition YUGOWAVE at the Fine Art Gallery of the Cultural Center of Belgrade (Belgrade, Serbia, August 2023)
- Group exhibition MOOD, Artweek 2023, Ovada Gallery, (Oxford, UK, May 2023)
- Group exhibition DIGITAL BLOOMING at Cultural Center LAB (Novi Sad, Serbia, May 2023)

- osTraum (Berlin, Germany, March 2023)

- UNSEEN, Ružica Pešić's solo exhibition (Memorial Gallery Dušan Starčević, September 2023)

- Studio Magla/Silaverse within the Culture Moves Europe project (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June-July 2023)


- No Concept Gallery's NFT Auction (Belgrade, Serbia, March 2022)
- Lacuna Festival (Canary Islands, July 2022)
- Gerhard Flekatsch's exhibition Cabinet Of Wonders (September-October 2022, Novi Sad, Serbia)
- Binnar (art festival hosted at Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal, November 2022)

- Collect Art 2022 Magazine (Tbilisi, Georgia, June 2022)
- Al-Tiba9 Magazine (Barcelona, Spain)

- Exhibition during the Parque De Sol festival in Lames/Sonnenpark in Sankt Pölten, Austria
- Exhibition Transformative Power of Open Spaces during Kaleidoscope of Culture Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia
- Exhibition Young Serbian Contemporary in the gallery Ausstellungsbrücke in the Lower Austrian Government building in December of 2022.

- Life on the Border Residency Program curated by Nataša Antulov, House of Klein (Klanjec, Croatia, September 2022),