In these video collages see two shirtless men, embracing each other. The first constrast is one of the men's fetish mask (which is normally associated with S&M) with the tenderness of their body language, but also with the "volim te" (I love you) in cyrillic alphabet - alluding to an Eastern European context, where homosexuality is still frowned upon or even punishable.In other videos, the context of a decaying society is represented with the modernist-brutalist concrete architecture that this part of the world is famous for, that for many radiates an atmosphere of alienation and coldness, which is in clash with their romantic pose. But it is also juxtaposed to imply there is beauty in everything, even in a society that has not accepted the plurality of human existence.

video collage series, 2022

This auto portrait subverts the aesthetics of retro video games and uses it as a commentary on apolitical and conformist nature of video games that not only not use their revolutionary, aesthetical potential and potential for social change but serve as an opium for the masses and prolong the status quo. In this collage we see the artist in a costume reminiscent of the New York Club Kid aesthetic next to concrete apartment blocks of Belgrade on one side, branches of trees on the other side, and quotes from the Serbian Constitution on the bottom, which state that the nation-state legally belongs to all of its citizens. This collage is a reflection on the confluence of identities of a queer person in a globalized, mono-culture world.


video collage series, 2022

"ILY" is internet slang acronym for "I love you", alluding to artist's ironic but fresh approach to tenderness in the context of a violent and toxic environment - both digital and real.